The Group Chat
Everybody Wants
To Leave

Brand Strategy, Activation

Viber wasn’t an app known for being innovative. In fact, it was relegated to the platform of choice for family chat groups. Or work-related discussions.

Viber wanted to be more than that. So in 2022, while people were stuck inside their homes, we turned this utilitarian app into a space for online concerts – Backstage Pass.

We gave famous Filipino bands access to Backstage Pass and it quickly grew to more than 1 million users.

To celebrate the growing community, and the unofficial end of the lockdowns, we launched Backstage Pass Live. People could be closer to their favorite stars more than ever.

Swag bags were created around the artists’ favorite things and inspirations. We made cassettes, vinyl records, gave away pre-gig munchies – replicating everything these artists loved.

It was the perfect combination of digital and IRL experiences. And people could win these only through Viber.

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