Save Palawan Seas Foundation Website

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Save Palawan Seas Foundation (SPSF) is primarily supported by Jewelmer, an international luxury jewelry brand that highlights the golden South Sea pearl. Cultured in Palawan, the pearl is featured in Jewelmer’s Pearl of Hope bracelet that is sold for the benefit of local coastal communities in the province.

Palawan is known by many to be one of the top vacation spots for its natural beauty, but what they don’t know is that it also needs our help. That’s why EP designed a website for the cause — to educate the public about the foundation’s activities and the state of the Palawan seas which will convert them to patrons and drive them to support the initiatives.  Partnering with an organization that advocates environmental stewardship and inspired action to reserve nature is an opportunity that EP gladly embraced.

It’s one thing to help a brand, but another thing to be a part of making a better future for generations to come.

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